General conditions of sale.

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The following conditions lead the relations between, on the one hand, the Distributor, and the other person or partnership "referred to as the customer" wishing or having made a purchase, or using products offered and provided by the distribution network of the brands and the products on the store.

"Customer" means either buyer or user, individual or professional.
The above defined customer accepts these general terms of sale.
The essential characteristics of the products and services offered for sale are presented by the Distributor, and any other official web site of the brands of the Distributor, and/or on our documentation.
These conditions are applicable for all countries to which the official distributors are likely to make sales and deliveries.
-Orders, prices and Conditions
-Delays of shipments and Conditions
-Guarantee of return and exceptions
-Reception of the goods
-General conditions of application of the guarantee
-Means of payment
-Confidentiality of data
-Marks, protocols and protection of industrial property
-Assignment of jurisdiction
-Acceptance of the buyer

Orders, prices and Conditions.
Any order
can be registered by e-mail, Web form, but also sent by fax, mail, or phone. It is considered to be valid and accepted by the Distributor insofar as:

-the sender is clearly identified,
-payment can be considered as acquired and not disputable.
-It is part of the terms set forth below.
Moreover, any order must be on the part of the buyer of a confirmation by mail or fax and will be deemed validly acquired only after written confirmation by the Distributor.

Validity period of offers to sell.

All products presented on this site and our catalogues are in limited quantities. The products are offered for sale until the stock. For the product is not in stock, the customer may be informed of its renewal or not. If you order a product that is not available, the customer will be informed through its customer account available on the site and/or by e-mail promptly.

Unless otherwise stated, our product and services offerings are valid (within the limit of available stocks), until the end of the current calendar quarter.

Prices and descriptions,
When they are part of a pre-established order recorded by our services, commit the contracting parties in a formal way.

The products offered for sale by the Distributor are intended for private and business customers.
Outside of this purchase order, and for any order placed in other, conditions of price, time and descriptions cannot be those who are taken on an accused of receipt sent to the customer by the Distributor or on any offer or quote established at the same time and say the conditions.
Terms of payment: except for exceptional cases and otherwise with prior duly written acceptance on the part of the Distributor, the terms of payment are:
-For all new customer professional regulation to order by proforma invoice, is required for the first order,
-For following orders, 30% deposit with the order and the balance before the ex-factory (50% deposit for orders intended for export).
-For all deliveries of special models and exclusive news, payments will be made to the order intake.
Other conditions are also possible following our credit insurance agreements.
Prices mentioned in our shop are calculated including VAT: value added tax included depending on the country of delivery. Generally prices are according to the currency of the country of delivery.
They are likely to evolve due to the evolution of standards and products.
Validity of our prices. Pursuant to the rules of the Code of consumption, the date of our tariff is indicated on the general prevailing rate.
The prices are those applied at the time of the order within the limits of available stocks and subject to typographical error or change in the rate of VAT in force. Any change in this rate would then immediately passed on to sales prices.
For certain destination, and according to the laws in force in the area of delivery, costs of customs and duties and taxes may be claimed by them to the customer, as well as an additional weight-volume according to the delivery area.


If the customer wishes to order, he must first identify himself. For this purpose, it will fill, according to the information provided online, a form made available where he will include the information necessary for his identification and including his name, first name, telephone number, postal and e-mail address and billing and delivery address. Additional information may be requested later to ensure the quality and security of delivery.

No unilateral cancellation of order of a professional will be accepted without the agreement of the Distributor, if despite everything, the buyer cancels its order, taking into account of the cancellation will result in a compensation set at 10% of the amount including tax of the command and the acquisition of payments paid.
Once the order is accepted on other, the payments cannot be resitués except material impossibility attributable to the manufacturer to perform provision of the product within a maximum period of 16 weeks.
However, the deposit will not be reimbursed, and the order cannot be cancelled if the delay in delivery is due to force majeure.
Is a case of force major all event beyond the control of the manufacturer and obstructing normal functioning including total or partial strikes impeding the good works of the company or one of its providers so that interruption of the power supply.
In any event, the delivery can intervene only if the buyer is up-to-date of its obligations to the seller, regardless of the cause.
Any particular buyer who cancels his order prior to shipment of the product will be a refund of the sums paid within a period of 30 working days after receipt of the claim confirmed to the customer.
Any professional or individual, buyer agrees beforehand to take knowledge and respect the installation, use and maintenance manual (provided in each unit).
Late payment.
If the client is a professional: pursuant to the commercial code, penalties for delay are due the day following the settlement date on the invoice in the case where the amounts due are paid after that date. The rate of these penalties is three times the legal interest rate.

Delays in shipments and Conditions
(a) the delivery period mentioned in the acknowledgement of order, are sincerely indicated by the Distributor.

Through our network of specialized carriers, we offer delivery on measurement in optimized time, according to the place of delivery and the nature of the parts ordered. We deliver within 4 to 12 days on average.
-STANDARD delivery:
Delivery without an appointment at the door / foot of the building.
The delivery can be done on Saturday.
Please note that the carrier does not making appointments for this type of delivery.

In case of absence at the time of delivery:
Either a notice is up to you so that you can contact the carrier and make an appointment.
Either your package is deposited in a post office or a relay package near you.
-Delivery PREMIUM - Large Article:
You will be contacted within a few days by the carrier in order to make an appointment - niche of 3 h for delivery - depending on your availability.
You are delivered by the carrier within 48 h worked after making appointments by telephone. Your order is handed over to you at the foot of the building or at the door (if available with a hand truck) companies.

In the absence at the time of delivery, a delivery notice will be left so that you can contact the carrier and make an appointment. 2nd presentation fees then you may be charged.
Whatever the chosen shipping method, we will provide as soon as possible a link that will allow you to track the delivery of your package online.

Shipping costs include packing, handling, and transportation costs. They may contain a fixed part and a variable part based on the price or the weight of your order. We recommend that you combine your purchases in a single order. We cannot group two separate orders and you will be charged shipping for each of them.
The parcels are oversized and protected.
-Delivery to the card anywhere in the world,
Commitment to deliver customers as best as possible.
However, if delivery time is higher than the average lead time initially in the shop, the Distributor agrees to notify customer within 8 weeks after sending his order to allow it the termination. The customer who does not accept the extension of deadlines must inform the company by email and cancel his order within 15 days of the receipt of the mail informing them of the date of actual delivery.
Terms of repayment at the customer's request: beforehand the Distributor is committed to offering a similar or better product in replacement. In the case of the refusal of organized delivery or of the substitute by the customer, the Distributor agrees to refund payments within a period of 30 working days * after receipt of the claim confirmed to the customer.
(b) in the case of items ordered together but subject to directions of different periods, the expedition is considered to be grouped as soon as the articles are available in the warehouse of the Distributor. Partial delivery is possible at the express request of the customer, to charge for him to accept freight collect shipment.
(c) for any article including the period would not have been mentioned, and a unit amount greater than €200,00 including VAT, the maximum delivery time is 12 weeks.
(d) for products not available in stock, delivery deadlines run from the receipt of the payment, unless otherwise agreed.
(e) the customer will check upon delivery of parcels and goods, in case damage or missing product, will specify his reservations on the delivery slip and will confirm them, within three days of delivery, by mail and e-mail from Di stributeur and by registered mail AR sent to the carrier itself.
By signing the delivery note, the customer accepts the products delivered in the State and therefore no claim for damage suffered during transport will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the customer to carry out all checks and making reserves for the arrival of the equipment and exercise, if necessary, appeal against the carrier.
At the reception of the goods, the customer must immediately check their condition and their compliance with the contract. All complaints relating to a defect of the delivered goods, to an inaccuracy in the quantities or erroneous reference compared to the order confirmed by the Distributor, must be made in writing within a period of two days from receipt of goods, failing which the right to claim will cease to be acquired: see below the conditions indicated in article: receipt of the goods.
The Distributor may in no case be required to compensate or to cancel an order as a result of the inability to use the product bought for a reason of incompatibility with the equipment already owned by the customer. 

Shipping terms.
The fee requested to the customer for the transport costs is defined assuming delivery in 4 to 12 working days following the day of shipment, 8 to 16 days for the EEC countries, 12 to 20 working days for the USA and 10 to 25 business days to other international destinations with shipment by parcel post priority.

The sendis EXPRESS, carriage, can be made upon specific request of the customer. Small consignments, such as small packages and documents, are fast mail.
-In the case of impossibility of delivery the day of the appointment you because of difficult access, in passages not reported beforehand, in case of absence of the customer to the make you agreed with the carrier, or repeated downtime of customer fees additional will be charged.
The delivery does not take place in the floors. The goods will be delivered at the bottom of the building or in front of the door or gate for houses or villas. It is imperative to unwrap with the carrier and report any damaged product.
-In case of force majeure or exceptional events (natural disaster, epidemic, strikes, lockout, etc.) delaying or preventing the delivery of the goods, the Distributor is relieved of liability. In all cases, the delivery cannot intervene if customer is current on its obligations to the Distributor.

General return guarantee, right and withdrawal period

If, without having to justify the reason, and if the Client is an individual, if he is not satisfied with the goods received, it has a period of 14 days to exercise his right of withdrawal and return the goods. The Distributor will refund in this case the goods bought with including the delivery and return costs which will be deducted from the refund. The period of 14 days takes effect on the date of receipt of the goods.
(a) CONDITIONS: refund will be insofar as the material has not been disassembly, unpacking for a product type comfort and design or to mount, installation or misuse, nor suffered any alteration. Products must be returned in a condition nine, not unwrapped, unused, not dirty and in perfect RESALABLE condition, with all their accessories. Is he in was otherwise the refund would be minus the cost of repackaging and/or of a reclamation if one (s) - this turns (nt) need (s). Indeed, incomplete, damaged, damaged product will not be returned or exchanged under warranty. Lare delivery charges and returns will be deducted from the reimbursement to the real costs in force during the return operation. Returned goods travel at the risk and peril of the customer. Therefore, you must keep all evidence of this return.
The guarantee of return and refund does not respect of sales which are the subject of personalised services and/or modification/adaptation of the product sold, as well as for exceptions listed below to the point (c).
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Distributor will make its best efforts, after receipt and verification of the product, to making the refund will be made within 30 working days of receipt of the goods on the quay. However, in view of the technical nature (engine) or design (furniture design) and large (furniture with large structures) of some products, this period may be extended to 30 additional days, especially when the product needs a technical checking by the After-sales service (these products to be tested beforehand).
To exercise this right of withdrawal, the customer must first contact customer service by telephone (indicated on the site and corresponding to his country of delivery), or by our contact form. Products must be returned to the return address indicated on the return provided by the service consumer depending on the country of delivery to the customer.
(b) any cancellation of order, what whatever the motive, and accepted by the Distributor will give right to only reimbursement of the amounts (amounts paid deducted possibly agency fee payer Bank). The refund will be made within 30 working days (or 30 additional days of exceptions) after the confirmation of the cancellation by our services. No compensation to this cancellation may be requested.
Exception * for large products, technical and design furniture: for any cancellation of order about large or technical products requiring a preparation and a special logistics (design furniture, sofas, buffets, saunas, spas of large dimensions, etc.), or for specific and dedicated controls, we charge 29.90 Euros increased by 3% of the total amount of the cancelled order, in return for the damage and the costs incurred by this cancellation.
(c) Exceptions on the money-back guarantee: the conditions of return and right of withdrawal do not concern the products below that will not or back, nor exchanged or reviewed on a "case by case":
C1 - consumable products of fuel type, filters, pumps (AxiCart, vacuum filters, refills,...).
C2 - Food and gourmet products, wine, spirits, champagne and chocolates (specific, consumables, packaging...).
C3 - the inflatable products from their design, their specific packaging and folding (Canoes, boats, poufs, inflatable spas,...).
C4 - the products of large volumes or techniques, composed of several packages or set up, which will have been unpacked upon arrival (saunas, spas, jacuzzi, cabinets, sofas, engine, design furniture, shelters and cabins, hammam...).
C5 - usually when ordering made to measure products (sofas cope, chimneys with skins, decoration and furniture design...), or integrated in specific packages (no remballables without professional tools), or custom not may not be the subject of a cancellation and a refund.
C6 - professional customer can benefit from the right of withdrawal.
For all the goods included in the exceptions above the amount of the refund will be considered depending on the State of the returned product, and after realization of operations and reclamation and packaging charges if possible.
-In the case of the right of return, the return fee by the logistics service depending on your country and place of delivery.

In case of return of goods, items travel at the risk and peril of the customer.
During the withdrawal period, the customer is responsible for the thing as a guardian. In case of deterioration or destruction of the product for the care of the customer, the latter suffer the consequences.

Receipt of goods
The reception of the package must be made by the person who placed the order, or his spouse, if received by a third party (neighbor, concierge...) it is responsible for the control and as such you must ask him to check the goods received according to the procedure described below.
You should refuse delivery if the package is damaged. You must unpack the parcel in the presence of the delivery person, if the goods are damaged or missing, you must refuse delivery and if necessary reservations written specific and characterized on the delivery of the carrier. You must then let know us by an e-mail with photos as soon as then send a registered letter with AR to the carrier that delivered you with reservations within 48 hours of delivery. You must also send a copy of this letter by our contact formby adding your comments.
The words subject to unpacking has no legal value and does not turn against the carrier. If the driver refuses to wait for the check of the contents of the package, write it down on the delivery note. .
The goods accepted without reservations by the recipient at the time of delivery and in the absence of complaint letter sent to the carrier accused of Reception and copy within 48 hours, is deemed arrived in good condition and in its entirety (number of) parts, identity in relation to the order, etc.).

Logistics service can perform partial deliveries, you can receive an order one or several packages that can come from different places, in all cases you pay only once the shipping costs even in case of multiple delivery.
For the delivery of large furniture, shelters, garages, large saunas, pool... the access to your property must be possible with a semi-trailer. You must therefore check prior to ordering from your local Council if the type 19 tons trucks have access to the delivery address. Otherwise, we would be obliged to charge you the amount of surcharge to finalize the delivery.
In the event of force majeure or event beyond its control, the Distributor is relieved of any liability in delivery.

General conditions of application of the guarantee

The products give right to warranty from the date of invoice, to the original purchaser individual or professional and for a period specified in the manufacturer's warranty.
Only the products authentic, purchased from the manufacturer or a dealer authorized by the Distributor are covered by a warranty.
The guaranteed distributor products delivered to its client conform to normal use at time of delivery.
In the first place, if you encounter a problem while using your product, please read the operating instructions, refer to the table "summary of remarks" manual, and ask your carrier dealer of the guarantee. or directly from the producer. Accordingly, in case of a defect of the product, only the responsibility of the producer of it could be sought by the consumer, on the basis of the information appearing on the packaging of the product.
The customer is receiving, and read the instructions for installation, use and maintenance of its product.

. With respect to the products sold, the Distributor is required to a legal obligation of means and in no case result. This same obligation of means applies to all stages of the order and the responsibility of the Distributor cannot be held responsible for all damage, inconvenience or damage as result of use not in compliance products, and, way General, everything made qualified force majeure situations admitted in Jurisprudence.

N "not having knowledge places and conditions, material, human, or physical, in which the material and/or equipment delivered are installed or used, the obligations or the advice of the Distributor cannot, in any case, be similar to an obligation of result.
Conformity of the products with laws, standards and rules. The Distributor takes a careful attention to ensure that the products it sells are consistent with laws, regulations, standards and regulations in force. Therefor, the Distributor is concerned with manufacturers to ensure that their products conform to the regulation. However, the Distributor will not be held in no case responsible for misstatements, of good or bad faith, des-so-called manufacturers, particularly for equipment that the Distributor service would not be able to control or test by common technical means. By accepting these general conditions of sale, the customer waives all recourse against the dispenser in this regard; the Client making his personal affair, as appropriate, any direct action against the manufacturer to assert his prejudice.
It is up to the customer to make sure under his own responsibility for the own requirements to the laws and regulations of his country and of the compliance of the product with these requirements.

Means of payment.
All means of payment recognized are possible, including secure online credit card payment.

Given the variety of means of payment put at the disposal of the Client, the Distributor cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent or random use by others or the holder of any means of payment by cheque or credit card which it would benefit in good faith; amounts collected him remaining acquired within the limits of these general conditions and to the extent where the order would have been shipped.
In the case of payment by credit card, the customer's attention is drawn specifically on the fact that a sale will be considered to be perfect and valid, and its payment due without any right to appeal on his part to refund the sums paid whatever the reason, whether for fraud, as the following two conditions are met: firstly, the provision in line with the number of credit card using the secure payment put at its disposal by the distributor system, else hand, shipping to the customer for the purpose of this payment order. This process describes the validation of the order and the express agreement of the Client on these key issues.
In case of cancellation of order after payment by valid credit card, and to the extent where this cancellation results from an error or a change of mind due to the customer and it results in a refund of the amount received by the Distributor, this repayment will be deducting a percentage of 5% for the banking charges borne unjustly by the Distributor. This last provision applies only to payments only by credit card.
During a payment by bank or postal cheque, the customer must establish the order of the Distributor it and send it to the address indicated with the order number which was communicated on the confirmation received by e-mail or printed on site, during the Act purchase.
Refusal of delivery. Without having to justify the reason, the Distributor reserves the right to refuse the delivery or shipment of any order if you fear for the good end of the payment when it is made otherwise than by bank transfer. Will, among other things, considered well-founded fear of risk of no good end of paying any negative assessment, or reserve on the part of any agency qualified. In this case, the Distributor will not accept the customer's order only with payment, depending on the circumstances, either proactively by bank transfer before shipment.
Down payments. On certain product lines, when ordering, the Distributor may have to claim a deposit on the order to the customer. The collection by the distributor of the deposit will be considered as a first payment on account of the purchase, the balance being paid upon delivery. It is recalled that a down payment entails a reciprocal obligation: to the customer, the firm and final purchase of the goods and for the distributor of the obligation to provide the goods.
Clause of reserve of property. Under the law, the Distributor reserves the ownership of the goods until full payment of the price. The Distributor retains ownership of the goods until full payment of the part of the customer. The ownership of the products to the customer is transferred at the time of full payment of the price. However, during the period of delivery to the transfer of ownership, the risk of loss, theft or destruction are the responsibility of the customer.
Breach by the customer of its obligations of payment, for any reason whatsoever, gives the Distributor the right to demand the immediate return of the goods at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer undertakes, for the case of a receivership proceedings affecting his business, to participate actively in the establishment of an inventory of goods in its inventory and distributor claim ownership. Otherwise, the Distributor has the ability to see the inventory by a bailiff at the expense of the customer. The customer may not resell, transform or incorporate goods delivered from the date of judgment pronouncing the receivership or liquidation of the assets of his business. The Distributor may prohibit the customer to proceed to resale, processing or incorporation of the goods in the event of late payment. To ensure payments not yet made and including the balance of the customer's account in the writings of the Distributor, it is expressly stipulated that the rights to the delivered but unpaid goods are goods identical from the distributor in stock at the customer, without any need to apply payments on a sale or specific delivery.

Confidentiality of data.
The Distributor complies with European and international legislation in force on the protection of the data. He treats as well as the data strictly necessary to the good performance of its services. The personal data provided by the customer are not disseminated to third parties, with the exception of the banking company for security and insurance payments. Under international rules, the customer has at any time a right of access and rectification. To exercise this right, simply contact the Distributor. To meet the tax and legal, obligations a copy paper and computer of each invoice shall be retained by the Distributor.

The information related to your order are being treatment data in order to define a level of analysis of a transaction and combat fraud. The occurrence of an outstanding payment on the ground of fraudulent use of a credit card will result in filing a complaint immediately to the Police and information will be transmitted to the banking agencies. A statement irregular or abnormality may also be the subject of a specific treatment.
According to the international laws, you have, at any time, a right of access, rectification, and opposition to all of your personal data in writing, by mail and justifying your identity.

Marks, protocols and protection of industrial property
. All of these products are protected from creation to the original idea with international patents, industrial designs and trademarks records. When using our logos, please take account of the use of our marks directives and protocols that define what is appropriate use.

The presented products, texts, images, graphics, sounds, animations and videos and their arrangement on the websites of the Distributor (and official sites representing our brands and products) are subject to copyright protection and other laws of protection.
It is forbidden to copy, distribute or modify the content of our Web sites for commercial purposes or allow access to third parties. The general structure, as well as texts, images animated or not component of our catalogs or web sites, are the property of the network. Any reproduction total or partial of our catalogs or websites is prohibited without prior express consent of the company.
Any unauthorized representation or reproduction, by any process whatsoever, constitutes a counterfeiting sanctioned by articles and laws of intellectual property. We inform our distributors and resellers that sell our products online is not allowed outside the official sites.

For legal and applicable law.
Transactions made by the Distributor are regarded as falling exclusively in the laws, practices and regulations of law Switzerland. Contractual information is presented in French and if any products offered for sale are in line with the regulations in force, it belongs to the foreign customer to check with the local authorities the possibilities use of the product it intends to order.

The distributor could not be engaged in case of failure to comply with the regulations of a foreign country.
These general terms of sale are subject to the Switzerland right on contracts for the international sale of goods. All disputes relating to the business relationship existing between you and us are subject to the jurisdiction of the Swiss courts. The Forum is in Martigny.

Acceptance of the buyer
. These terms of sale and the rates and scales on rebates, discounts and rebates releases are expressly approved and accepted by the buyer, who declares and acknowledges to have perfect knowledge, and waives, to This done, to take advantage of any contradictory document, and in particular its own general terms of purchase.

Additional information.

For any question or request for information about our products, ordering or delivery conditions, you can contact us by telephone or by using our contact form.

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