TAC M high-frequency air purifier Grey basalt-black Trotec

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TAC M high-frequency air purifier Grey basalt-black Trotec.
Safe protection against viruses and aerosols in the air.

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TAC M high-frequency air purifier Grey basalt-black Trotec.
Safe protection against viruses and aerosols in the air.

  • Mobile use, so flexibility of installation and application
  • Filter 99.995% of harmful viruses and bacteria in the ambient air
  • Allows air renewal up to 20 times per hour
  • Reduces viral load in large rooms in minutes
  • Separate viruses are thermally eliminated in the HEPA H14 filter (EN 1822).
  • Ensures a constant concentration of harmless aerosols in the air
  • Requires little maintenance thanks to the innovative self-cleaning feature

High-frequency zone air purifier for effective reduction of suspended particles and aerosol clouds in the direct installation environment

Effective reduction in the duration and intensity of suspended particle and aerosol clouds in the aircraft's direct environment
The TAC V-zone air purifier is an innovative solution for establishing areas of clean air with low concentrations of viruses and pollutants where they are needed, with the device requiring only an electrical outlet to be operational. Wherever this mobile air purifier is placed, it creates an area of purified air with a volume of up to 320 m3, depending on the rate of air renewal required.

The TAC V-C allows a large volume of contaminated ambient air to be sucked in and the air from aerosols in the treatment area is varied as needed. The filtration is carried out using a HEPA H14 filter. In this treatment area, the ambient air is free of the maximum germs, fine dust and other microparticles circulating in the air.

Air filtration using the TROtec HEPA H14 filter and the built-in F7 pre-filter system ensures reliable disposal of Germs, Virus, Dust, Bacteria, spores or microfibers of paper or textiles suspended in the air.

An innovative device unique in the world and only available at Trotec combining air purification and decontamination techniques

The TAC V has an automatic thermal self-regeneration function of its special HEPA filter: at regular intervals, viruses retained in the filter are inactivated in order to "decontaminate" the filter 100%.

In this way, the TAC V-V significantly reduces the risk of airborne transmission in busy public places and ensures dust-free working conditions in dusty work environments.
Protecting customers, patients, hosts and employees with a clear reduction in the risk of contamination
Protecting employees from fine dust pollution in the workplace
Protection of equipment, electronics and machines from dirt and dust malfunctions.

Strengths of the TAC V:
Simplicity of use: The commissioning of the TAC V requires only a few steps. The timer, the service hours counter, filter wear level indicators and operating switches are protected from impact.
Uniform distribution of clean air: The specific characteristics of the fins of the DualDecon blowing tower and the vertical directing effect of the DualDecon blast tower ensure a homogeneous diffusion of clean filtered air throughout the treatment area. With optional shutter screens, it is also possible to block different air outlets, for example when air is blown towards a wall.
Thermal decontamination of the filter: unique in the world and exclusively available from Trotec, the thermal self-regeneration function of the TAC V- allows to "decontaminate" 100% of the special HEPA filter of the device by inactivating viruses held in the filter at regular intervals.
Robust and mobile: With its sturdy wheels and adjustable handle, this rugged ambient air purifier is perfect if you need to change your place of use quickly. Once installed on site, all that remains is to plug it in and turn it on.

Practical details:
Permanent control of air pollution and virus filtering in high-traffic areas or large numbers of people
Permanent control of clean air, filtration of viruses and fine dust in work areas with high concentrations of fine dust.

Automatic regeneration of the filter by thermal viral decontamination. Specially developed, specially developed H14-class high-performance H14-class filter with 99.995% filtration efficiency for a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 m. A unique function in the world and exclusively available at Trotec.

  • Clean Areas: Establish safe living and working areas with virus-free filtered air - individually sized based on the number of devices, people and fixed air renewal rates
  • Immediately operational: Install it, plug it in, turn it on, finish! The air filtration of the room is carried out independently of the existing air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Efficient air filtration via F7 pre-filter and HEPA H14 filter
  • The air blowing direction can be adjusted using shutter screens to diffuse clean air in localized areas
  • System components perfectly suited for flexible applications in the areas of virus protection and dusting
  • Simple operation: 24-hour operation fully automatic and low-maintenance
  • Resource savings: 100% environmentally friendly, no use of chemicals, no work needed for installation
  • Quality materials and manufacturing: "Made in Germany" - Original Trotec production, special filters against individually tested viruses, certificate of control
  • Maximum profitability through loss-free air cleaning directly at the facility site
  • Flexible positioning: The mobile TAC is where it's needed.

The TAC V air purifier comes with:

  • 1 pre-filter F7
  • Filter H14

Dust category:

According to DIN EN 60335-2-69):



Dust Class (According to DIN IN 1.822 (ISO 45H IsO Filter 29463)



Dust class (according to DIN EN 779:2002)




Maximum air flow [m3/h]

2 500


Recommended air volume for filter class H14 ≤ [m3/h]

1 200


Recommended air volume for filter class H13 ≤ [m3/h]]

1 800


Volume of Air Recommended Ultra-HighFlow Filter for Filter Class H14 ≤ [m3/h]

2 000


Air Volume Recommended Ultra-HighFlow Filter for Filter Class H13 ≤ [m3/h]

2 400


Electrical values:

Connection to the network

220 - 240 V/50 - 60 Hz


Power absorbed without thermal decontamination for an air volume of 1,000 m3/h [kW]



Power absorbed with thermal decontamination for 30 minutes [kW]



Nominal current absorbed [A]



Recommended Fuse [A]



Power supply:

Contact sheet

CEE 7/7, H07RN-F


Length of cable [m]



Acoustic values

Acoustic pressure level bei 1,000 m3/h with soundproof capot-
Distance 1m 47 [dB(A)]


Acoustic pressure level bei 1,000 m3/h - Ultra-HighFlow Filter with soundproof hood - Distance 1 m [dB(A)]



Fan: Radial

Touch screen.
View main filter change and Pre-filter.
Combination of Hygiene filters > 15 LW/h) F7 - H14
Suitable for premises up to Hygiene (> 15 LW/h) [m3] 107

Combination of filters Sanitary zones (> 15 LW/h) - f7 - H14
Suitable for premises up to Sanitary Zones (> 15 LW/h) [m3] - 107

Transport handles.
Fixed wheel and non-staining rubber wheels
Length: 69cm
Width: 61cm
Height: 130cm
Weight: 84kg

Options available on request:
- H14 compliant particle filter EN 1822 for TES 200 and TAC V air purifier.
- Soundproofing device for TAC V/TAC M air purifiers and heating decontaminating TES 200.

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