Trotec Mobile PAC 3810 S air conditioner up to 125 m3

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Trotec Mobile PAC 3810 S air conditioner up to 125 m3.
This elegant grey, high-capacity single-piece cooler will be perfect at home, in a shop, hotel room, yoga room or office.

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Trotec Mobile PAC 3810 S air conditioner up to 125 m3.
This elegant grey, high-capacity single-piece cooler will be perfect at home, in a shop, hotel room, yoga room or office. Its 3,800 watts (13,000 Btu/h) allow it to be used in large rooms of 50 m2/125 m3 max.
Silver grey, the PAC 3810 S air conditioner is out of the ordinary by combining performance and elegance.

An effective device that convinces you not only by its technical characteristics but also by its design? CAP 3810 S will be up to the task. With its 3,800 watts (13,000 Btu/h), you can use it to cool large rooms of 50 m2/125 m3 max. at home, in a shop, a hotel room, a yoga room or an office for example. The comfort of use is also there: this model comes with a remote control and has a 24-hour timer as well as a night mode.

Automatic cooling to the desired temperature
THE CAP 3810 S is equipped with a thermostat that measures the temperature of the room. This is displayed on the control panel screen. The desired temperature can be set between 16 and 31 degrees Celsius. To take advantage of a constant temperature, the compressor of the device switches off as soon as the desired temperature is reached. It will not restart until the room temperature exceeds the desired temperature. This automatic operation allows this Class A mobile air conditioner to operate as needed in a particularly economical way!

Ventilation function - alone or in addition to cold mode
The three-speed fan of the PAC 3810 S can be used with or without air conditioning function. With a flow rate of 450 m3/h, it ensures a breath of fresh air and a good flow of air in the room. The oscillation function, which can be activated as needed, allows fresh air to be distributed even more evenly evenly. At the back of the unit, an easy-to-clean air filter captures dust, animal hair and stuffed animals suspended in the air.

Air dehumidification, a wonder in heavy weather
The dehumidification capacity of 1.5 litres per hour of this air conditioner ensures an efficient extraction of too much moisture from the air, which can saturate the summer hot air. Air dehumidification significantly improves the indoor climate and prevents the risk of mould development. Thanks to the collected moisture reuse system, it is rarely necessary to empty the condensate bin. Condensation water is recycled and used to cool the condenser; most of it evaporates during the process.

The three functions of air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification can be used independently of each other, a feature that allows the device to be used all year round, not only as an air conditioner in summer but also as a fan and dehumidifier for more well-being.

Climate-cooling with style and comfort
The comfort of use is a significant factor of choice. The PAC 3810 S mobile air conditioner comes with a remote control that will allow you to operate it remotely and have access to all the functions and settings without you having to get up. As the name suggests, you will be able to use this air conditioner in different rooms during the day, its mobility being provided by wheels.

Clock function
Very convenient, the 24-hour timer will allow you to schedule the device to start/stop after the required number of hours. This will allow you, for example, to make sure you leave the office without leaving the air conditioner on or to take advantage of an air-conditioned room when you wake up to start the day in the fresh.

Night mode
The night mode of the PAC 3810 S mobile air conditioner is the guarantor of restful sleep. So that you can fall asleep pleasantly and enjoy a good night's sleep, the device gradually increases the set temperature. After one hour of operation, the set temperature automatically rises by 1oC and then by another degree an hour later. The unit then operates all night depending on this temperature. This allows you to enjoy a brisk coolness at bedtime, without getting cold at night. Tip: If necessary, use the clock to shut down the air conditioner at night.

Swing function
This activatable function, if necessary, allows fresh air to be distributed evenly throughout the room. When the oscillation function is activated, the air outlet opens and folds to circulate the fresh air optimally.

Air filter against animal hair, stuffed animals and dust
The built-in air filter on the back of the device effectively captures animal hair, stuffed animals and airborne dust. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers as well as people with sensitive airways. This removable filter is easy to clean, just remove dirt by wiping it or passing it under water.

Silver grey colours
Each room has its own layout, each living and working space its style. This silver-grey air conditioner with slightly metallic reflections goes particularly well with modern interiors. Used all year round thanks to its three fan functions, dehumidifier and powerful air conditioner, the CAP 3810 S will actively contribute to a better indoor climate!

propane (R290), a more environmentally friendly refrigerant
Every year, the millions of tonnes of CO2 produced by synthetic refrigerants are released into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases have a lasting impact on the environment. That's why we care about offering products with an alternative with less impact. This air conditioner works with propane (R290), which is more environmentally friendly.

This organic compound belongs to the hydrocarbon family. Unlike synthetic refrigerants, propane (R290) is a substance with no potential for ozone depletion (PDO-0) and no significant global warming potential (GWP-3).

A plus for the environment: thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties, propane (R290) is a particularly energy-efficient refrigerant that will allow you to control your energy expenditure.

Practical details and strengths of this model:
-Silver grey air conditioner
-Suitable for 50 sqm/125 m3 max.
Energy Class A
-Refrigeration power of 3.8 kW
-Three modes of operation: cold, ventilation and dehumidification
-Three speeds of ventilation
-Swing function
-Adjustable set temperature between 16 and 31 degrees Celsius
-Energy-saving operation thanks to the automatic shutdown/start-up according to the set temperature
-Clock 24 hours
-Night mode
-Remote control and intuitive LED screen
-Showing room temperature
-Removable air filter anti-dust, stuffed animals and animal hair
-Discreet operation - 55 dB (A)
-R290: environmentally friendly refrigerant

Good to know about mobile air conditioners
No mobile air conditioners without an escape sheath

Beware of images of air conditioners suggesting a sheath-free installation. A sheath is always required. Professional home air conditioners are equipped worldwide with a compression cold system. Through a physical phenomenon, these systems invariably generate cold and heat. The cold product is welcome; heat must be evacuated outwards.

A split air conditioner carries heat directly outwards because the heat is directly drained through the evaporator installed outdoors. However, this type of two-block unit also requires a connecting link carrying the refrigerant between the two units.

As the evaporator of single-block air conditioners produces heat inside the air conditioner itself, an escape device is essential to evacuate the heat produced in operation out of the room.

To do this, a minimum evacuation sheath is required. This sheath comes with each one-piece mobile air conditioner, although it may not appear on the images produced.

Technical features:
Cooling capacity
max. [kW]: 3.8
max. [Btu/h]: 13,000
Recommended space size
m3: 125
m2: 50
Maximum speed [m3/h]: 450
Ventilation speeds: 3
axial: Standard equipment
radial: not available
Dehumidification capacity
max. [l/h]: 1.5
Room temperature that can be obtained (min.)
depending on the conditions of use[ 'C]: 16
Cooling fluid
Cooling fluid: Air
Environmental conditions
Min. temperature range: 16
Maximum temperature range: 35
Electrical values
Network connection: 220 - 240 V/50 Hz
Absorbed power [kW]: 1.5
Absorbed nominal current [A]: 6.5
Recommended Fuse [A]: 10
Power supply
Contact sheet: CEE 7/7
Cable Length [m]: 1.8
Minimum space size [m2]: 10
Type of refrigerant: R290
Amount of refrigerant [g]: 226
GWP factor: 3
CO2 equivalent: 0.00068 t
aspiration side pressure [MPa]: 1
output side pressure [MPa]: 2.6
Acoustic values
Sound emission [dB(A)] according to ISO 3745:2012: 65 dB(A)
Speed 1 - Gap 1 m [dB(A)]: 55
Evacuation hose
Total length [m]: 1.5m
Diameter [mm]: 150
Length (without packaging) [mm]: 335
Length in inches (without packaging): 13.18"
Width (without packaging) [mm]: 410
Width in inches (without packaging): 16.14"
Height (without packaging) [mm]: 715
Height in inches (without packaging): 28.14"
(without packaging) [kg]: 27
Guarantee: 2 years
Several choices and versions available on request.

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